Words That Work Your Worth

Bold Words and Strategic Storytelling to get you the revenue and recognition you deserve
Let's Work!

Words That Work Your Worth

Bold Words and Strategic Storytelling to help you get the revenue and recognition you deserve
Let's Work!

You’re a…

Busy, Brilliant Black Woman

doing meaningful work in the world. You have so much that you want to say, but no time to piece it all together.

I do the hard work so you can work your worth.

I write words for women who don’t have the time to craft what they want to say, but have something worth saying.

Now, you can say what you need to say without the hassle of adding yet another task to your to-do list.

Let me help you write the right words so that you can focus on running your business. I’d love to take one more thing off of your plate.
Together, we can create compelling words that move your business and brand ahead.
All you have to do is share your genius, and I’ll take it from there.

What We Can Do Together

Write Your Book

As an expert in your industry, a book is the most powerful—and profitable—marketing tool you can have. An instant credibility booster, books open doors to clients, stages and sales. My interview-based process makes turning your signature system, process or framework into a book stress-free and simple for you. 

It’s time to take you to thought-leader status. Let’s write this book. 


Finish Your Book

You’ve tried to write this book on your own for long enough. This service is for the author who has a completely raw or an almost-there manuscript and needs someone to help her take it to the finish line and really bring the book to life.

When I’m working with your manuscript, I really wear two hats. As an editor, I’ll review your writing for structure, flow and grammar. But as your writing partner, I’m also here to help you to fill in any blanks or sparse areas to ensure that your message is as powerful as possible. I’ll suggest rewrites in areas where I feel the manuscript can be stronger, and, in most instances, I’ll use my intuition and expertise to expand and amplify your writing where needed.

Trust me, your words are in phenomenal hands.

Blah-to-Bomb Bios and Media Kits

If you got the call to step onto the biggest stage of your life—your Kennedy Center Honor, your Emmy, your Super Soul Sunday feature—what would want you want that introduction to sound like? Are you prepared with your superstar highlight reel—the one that speaks to your greatness, your influence, your impact on the world? As your super fan, I already see the celebrity in you and I honor you. Let me introduce you, first to yourself and then to the world, from my point of view. I will expertly and eloquently capture your story and the body of work you’ve created in a way that celebrates your brilliance and elevates your brand.

Meet Stefanie

I’m Stefanie, writer and editor for busy, brilliant black women.

Almost every day, I have conversations with women who do incredible work in the world.

They are top-notch coaches, consultants, CEOs, career-climbers, you name it.

They are the best at what they do.

They are the type of women who get results for those they work with. 

The woman who has awards, accolades and applause for days. She is a bonafide expert.

She knows she is incredible at what she does, but she’s hesitant to speak too highly of herself. The crazy part? She is masterful at pumping up the other women in the room.

The type of woman who knows it’s time to shoot her shot and go after bigger opportunities in her business, but she’s not prepared.

She doesn’t have the book, the bio, or the media kit that positions her as the authority she knows she is.

And she definitely doesn’t have time to write any of it.

So that’s where my team and I come in…

We write books, bios, and media kits for women like you, who need words that bolster
their brands and create opportunities.
Let us provide the quality support you need to get the writing in your business done and
your message heard.

Hear What They Have to Say!

My book is one of the most powerful pieces of marketing that I’ve ever created. It is such an extraordinary representation of my brand that I give it away at conferences and events. After people read my book, I don’t need to sell them on my expertise. They’ve already experienced it for themselves. All they want to know is how can they pay me more. And the beauty of it is that I barely touched my keyboard. As a busy entrepreneur who runs a multiple six-figure company, I wanted to write a book for years, but had no idea how I would find the time to do it, or where to begin with the process. Stefanie made it all so easy for me. All I had to do was talk her through my ideas, personal stories, case studies and my signature processes, and she took that and made magic. Now, my book prepares my clients to do the fundamental work that I was investing time and energy into teaching in live experiences. The book prepares them to work with me on a high level. I close more deals with my book than any form of marketing I use in my business, and I’ve closed five-figure deals from this book. I couldn’t have done any of this without Stefanie doing what she does.

Audria Richmond

Audria Richmond

Stefanie…I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. There is no way I could have written something so powerful and moving about ME on my own. I was attracted to me as I read it. I wanted to hire me! What a way to present myself to the world.

Danielle Graves

Danielle The Coach

Stefanie has assisted me with writing copy for years and has a gift for truly capturing your brand’s essence through her writing. She is not just a writer, but a partner in your business. Through the years she has never steered me wrong. I trust her 100% with my business. I think of her as my secret weapon.

Robin Fisher

Polished Image and Style

Stefanie is the BEST wordsmith when it comes to really capturing the essence of a brand! I am so serious when I say, as a Master Business Coach who develops brands for other leaders, Stefanie is the only copywriter who can get it right the first time. Her writing truly guides the rest of the brand, messaging and emotional connection our entrepreneurs have to develop with their audiences. I’ve hired copywriters outside of Stefanie and she ALWAYS has to fix it. That said, our clients and I are never disappointed with her work- if you’re looking for a copywriter, hire her. She’s the shit!

Aprille Franks-Hunt

Domination Nation

Stefanie Manns has been the voice who has helped me to own my worth. She consistently stretches me to see myself bigger and to ask for what I really want and deserve. My brand would not be what it is today if it were not for her expertise, wisdom, and ability to teach me how to connect with my audience.
She is amazing.

Michelle McKinney

Dreams Unleashed
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